One of the best parts? Being able to tell my Trump-loving friends “I told you so!”

Most all of us have some Trumpers in our lives.
Whether in our families, extended families, friends, workmates, etc.
Of course, some have more than others.
But, for everyone, they are still inescapable.

And for the last three years, I’ve remained mostly silent.
When politics comes up around them, I would always leave the room or change the subject.
I love hearing them twist themselves into knots trying to explain Trump’s Ukraine scandal. It has been absolutely delicious at times.

But, I’m still “bidening”my time (see the clever thing I did there).
I just say that it’s going to be interesting to see how it all turns out if there’s a lot more incriminating texts, interviews, whistleblowers, etc.
All the time I thinking, I can’t wait to scream at you, I TOLD YOU SO, YOU STUPID SCHMUCK!

We all told you that he was a con man.
A compulsive liar.
A compulsive cheater.
A malignant narcissist with psychotic tendencies.

And he never tried to hide it from the day he came down that escalator with paid “fans” cheering.
He mocked the disabled.
He made juvenile comments and nicknames about opponents.
He showed no knowledge or interest in policy or governmental institutions.
He repeatedly showed that he was the least qualified presidential nominee in history.

And yet, you embraced him. Or, at least, chose him over the most qualified candidate in history.
But, horror of horrors, she was a woman. And not just any woman but the right wing demonized woman from the family that you loved to hate, the Clintons.
Every time that Trump did or said something horrific (which has been almost daily), you had the fallback position that “well, at least he’s not Hillary”.
Yes, of course, because with her “hidden and deleted” emails she might have been…
I’m waiting…
you mean she might have been colluding with our enemies to benefit herself either financially or politically?

Oh, sweet irony, you are indeed awesome.
How fantastic will it be if Trump and his mob family and criminal cabal and feckless, enabling Republican Party are brought down for DOING the actual things that they feared Hillary might do?

That’s when all of us get to stop holding our tongues.
That’s when we run to all of our social media pages.
We run to send out emails and texts and phone calls to the Trumpers we know and finally yell:
We have earned that opportunity. And, by damn, I’m gonna give it to them.