It’s business as usual with Trump as he stiffs cities for almost $1 million on charges for his rallies

President Trump’s re-election campaign threatened to sue the city of Minneapolis after accusing Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey of overcharging for security costs at a rally scheduled for Thursday.

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale accused Frey of overcharging the Target Center arena $530,000 for security and other costs associated with the rally. Though the arena “attempted to pass the costs on to the Trump campaign under threat of withholding use,” the campaign said in a statement, Trump’s team “informed the Target Center that the U.S. Secret Service is solely responsible for coordinating security.”

Trump’s rally in El Paso, Texas, earlier this year cost nearly $500,000 for security and other costs. The campaign has refused to reimburse the city for the costs and has not even acknowledged that it owes money to municipal governments for the costs of Trump’s rallies. Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, meanwhile, held a smaller rally on the same day and reimbursed the city more than $20,000 before the due date.

El Paso is just one of numerous cities that have outstanding invoices to the Trump campaign, even though the campaign has not reported any such debts to municipal governments or police departments in its federal filings, despite a law requiring the disclosure of all debts, including “disputed debts.”

A Center for Public Integrity investigation found earlier this year that at least 10 invoices to the Trump campaign — from cities like Green Bay Wisconsin; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Mesa, Arizona — totaling $841,219 remain outstanding, five of which date back to events during the 2016 campaign.

So — Turkey and Russia are preparing to attack and destroy the Kurds, who are our long-time allies, and all Trump can think about is his rallies.