Today’s roundup of the sleaze, the ignorance, and the stupidity that is Trump and his Freak Show

First daughter, former model, full-time airhead Ivanka sometimes takes over when Trump is talking with foreign leaders

First daughter Ivanka Trump was blasted on Saturday for degrading the office of the president of the United States.

The former model works as a senior White House advisor in her father’s West Wing, despite having no governmental experience. Her husband, Jared Kurshner, has the same position and resumé.

On Saturday, the Associated Press reported on Ivanka’s role in the administration.

“Occasionally, while on the phone with foreign heads of state, Trump has handed the receiver to his daughter, Ivanka Trump, so she can talk with the leader, according to this individual,” the AP reported.

CNN national security analyst Sam Vinograd noted that, “In my four years at the White House, the President was able to handle talking to foreign leaders without ‘help’ from his daughter …. or any other people on his friends and family list for that matter.”

Trump putting his daughter on the phone with foreign leaders is gross, it’s an abandonment of responsibility, it’s embarrassing for our country, and it’s a reminder that Ivanka Trump is as responsible for the degradation of the office of the presidency and the norms of executive branch functioning as anyone.  Can you imagine the reaction if President Obama had put one of his daughters on the phone with a foreign leader?

Mike Pence is running away from Trump . . . another rat leaving the sinking ship.

Vice President Mike Pence is “trying to save himself” in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s administration illegally soliciting foreign assistance in the 2020 election, an MSNBC analyst explained on Saturday.

“I want to take a look at another character in this Ukraine controversy, and that being the vice president. NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard repeatedly pressed Pence on whether he knew about a link between the interest in investigating the Bidens and then that aid being held up for Ukraine,” MSNBC anchor Alex Witt said.

The clip showed Pence repeatedly dodging the question.

For analysis, Witt interviewed MSNBC commentator Alaina Beverly.

“Everyone’s trying to get off of the Titanic,” Beverly said. “That’s what I make of this.”

“If he answers the question and says that he knows and is aware of all of the details that were in that conversation between Trump and the president of the Ukraine, then he becomes a conspirator in this larger enterprise,” she explained. “So, I think Vice President Pence is trying to save himself, and that’s not unusual given the dominos that we’re seeing and the evidence that is mounting up against Donald Trump.”

Trump was working with the two Giuliani goombahs at least two years before he admits to meeting them

President Donald Trump met an indicted associate of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani years earlier than has previously been reported.

“A photograph of President Donald Trump posing with a recently indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was posted online in April 2014, two years prior to what had been their first known interaction,” Politico reported Saturday. “In the photo, Trump and Lev Parnas stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling at the camera at what appears to be an outdoor nighttime event. Trump wears a white, Trump-branded cap and white shirt under a jacket. Parnas wears a royal blue collared shirt.”

The photo was posted to Facebook on April 2, 2014 by Shawn Jaros, also known as Shawn Jarosovich.

Weeks preceeding the meeting, Jaros posted that he was looking forward to meeting “the donald soon”

“Trump has sought to distance himself from Parnas, the Florida businessman at the center of a ballooning scandal over illicit foreign influence in his administration and, more broadly, the American political system. But the photograph and post provide further evidence that the two men are more closely tied than Trump has let on,” Politico reported.