President Jimmy Carter had to give up his peanut farm

By  now we all have heard that Trump will hold the G7 economic summit next year at his failing Doral (Florida) Golf Club and Resort.  The delegations who attend the summit will pay somewhere between $5 and $7 million for accommodations, food, etc., all of which will go into Trump’s pocket.  Remember — he DID NOT divest himself of any of his property holdings — he merely said, well, my sons and daughter will run the business.  And let’s not overlook the likelihood that we taxpayers probably will spend millions and millions of $$$ to “improve security” at Doral before the summit.

When Jimmy Carter was elected, he gave up his peanut farm — a few thousand acres of peanuts and a couple of warehouses.  He GAVE IT  UP — DID NOT TELL HIS BROTHER BILLY TO OPERATE THE FARM, did not turn it over to his daughter, sister or mother.  Gave it up.

Also — remember that Russia was tossed out of the G8 (thereby making it the G7) because of their invasion and annexation of Crimea.  Trump has argued that Russia should be back in the G7/G8.  Watch for Trump to invite Putin to Doral.

As Speaker Pelosi told Trump Wednesday:  “With you, all roads lead to Putin.”