Rob Wittman: Lying piece of shit

Here’s a tweet from Wittman following the Republican riot in the Capitol.


Rep. Rob Wittman


Just tried to enter the room where the Intel Comm is interviewing witnesses for this partisan impeachment process. Both I and @RepWalberg were turned away. It is clear that House Ds do not want a clear or transparent process.

Embedded video

Now . . . let’s look at the facts.  These hearings are being conducted by three House committees:  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; House Foreign Affairs Committee; and, House Government Oversight Committee.

Neither Walberg nor Wittman is a member of any one of these three committees.  Which is why they are not attending.  Republican members of the three committees are attending, questioning witnesses, and acting as full committee members.

Wittman is lying.  As usual.

Fun fact: 23% of the members of the GOP House caucus sit on one of the three authorized committees.