Trump attends World Series game 5, greeted by the entire stadium chanting “Lock him up!” This was NOT one of his Klan rallies!!!!!!!!!!

President Donald Trump arrived at Nationals Stadium as the first official pitch of the game was being thrown, but according to one Bloomberg reporter, hardly anyone noticed.

About an hour into the game, the announcer introduced the president and first lady and what followed was a crowd full of fans eager to boo Trump.

It was unknown if Trump would be officially announced by the team because he was expected to be booed. As one person noted, the Nationals stadium holds more people than supported Trump in Washington, D.C. in 2016.

It went exactly as expected, with scores of people dressed in bright-red shirts screaming their displeasure at the president. They even began chanting “lock him up!”

You can see the videos below:

The trip to the ballpark was the first time Trump attended a Washington sporting event since becoming president. He has not eaten at a Washington restaurant beyond those in his own hotel and has skipped traditional social events such as the Kennedy Center Honors and White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.


The Nationals had sought to keep politics out of their first trip to the World Series and did not invite Trump, who decided to come and then arranged the logistics with Major League Baseball, officials said.

After his brief introduction, Trump was largely a non-presence in the ballpark .