Trump revealed a sad fact: Republicans are a cruel, vile tribal mob intent on holding on to power, not doing what is right

If you have been listening to Nikki Haley as she makes her rounds on the networks promoting her new book, you get the sense that the Republican party has settled in to its new role as a party that no longer feels constrained by the need to maintain the facade of civility. We should be paying attention to her words, they are revealing regarding the future direction of her party.

I have said before that Donald Trump didn’t create the divisions in the country, the nativism and tribalism within the Republican Party, he revealed it. Old line conservatives who publicly denounced Trump and have been biding their time waiting for their party to turn on him will need to realize that they are not witnessing a temporary phenomenon, this is permanent. The GOP has gotten a taste of the freedom to express its true nature and is not going back to the days of feigning the appearance of being moral, fair or even fiscally responsible. 

The modern GOP is betting that the world is going to be a much harsher place to live due to factors such as climate change (of course they know it’s real). They see the handwriting on the wall that the growth in the world’s population and lack of resources is a pending disaster. They know there will be growing economic disparity and civil unrest. In a world divided by the haves and the have-nots, they are banking that as the world becomes a crueler place to live, they have a survival advantage. Proof of concept came as Republicans watched the public outrage fade over the caging of immigrant children.

Republicans have never cared much for democracy and recognize that the growing multiculturalism doesn’t bode well for them in a working democratic system. This is why they are loading up the federal courts with extremist judges likely to rule in their favor. They, and their reliable partners the corporations, will sue their way in to relevancy. The Citizens United Supreme Court decision was their test case for this strategy.

Republican leadership fully understood that the massive 2017 tax cut they passed wasn’t going to do what they said it would for the economy. The real long term purpose of it was to lay an economic bomb timed go off in the likelihood of a Democratic administration taking over in 2020. As insurance, they ran up the nation debt for good measure to exacerbate the destruction. This has been a successful strategy used time and again by Republicans. Democrats will be blamed for an economic downturn and they can regain power in 2024 touting “see what the socialist Democrats did!”, cue the outrage.

This doesn’t need to happen, but it likely will if it’s not exposed.