Trump is laying the groundwork to resign.

He has been saying for at least half his time in office that he had accomplished more in his time in office than Obama had accomplished in eight years.

Now, while this is not the most outlandish lie he has come up with by any means, it is one he has repeated several times. It gives him the cover to say “mission accomplished, my work here is done,” and take the first shuttle to West Palm whenever he likes. It also gives Pence the time to let the furor over his pardon that everyone knows is coming die down before it is even issued, and then let it die down again after it is issued.

It will also give Pence time to prepare his own candidacy for 2020, which should face far rougher sailing than Gerry Ford did in 1976. Gerry Ford was a decent guy, and experienced in government. Pence is a sham, a toady, and a con man like Trump. He is also quite an unattractive candidate, and unlike Ford, who only saw opposition from Reagan, would probably see a storm of competitors rushing to compete for the Republican nomination. EVERYBODY liked Gerry Ford. Nobody likes Pence.

I have no clue if Trump’s sudden medical issue is for real or impeachment related. Either way, it provides him with his escape rationalization. “I’ve done everything I set out to do. I did it in less than three years. So I’m a genius. What more could you possibly ask of me?” Well, aside from him shooting himself on 5th Avenue to see if anyone cares, I can’t think of much else I could ask of him.