Pelosi threw out the bait and Trump swallowed it !!!!

Left to his own devices, Trump would surely love to testify in person on live TV.

So — Speaker Pelosi made an off-hand comment that Trump is welcome to testify before the impeachment inquiry.  Her comment was dismissed as being, well, you know, not serious.  However, she is not in the habit of just tossing something out there.

Trump couldn’t resist the bait. He thinks he can charm anybody. Just think of the thrill of taking down his enemies and accusers face-to-face on live television. Huge ratings. I mean HUGE.

And he would win bragging points for juicing the ratings for the hearings – which he would say were a snooze until he took the stage and woke everybody up!

Of course, no sane lawyer or adviser would urge him to do it. But Trump has now surrounded himself by a bunch of yes-persons. Even some of his legal “briefs” are clearly dictated at least in part by the man himself. He thinks he knows more about war than the generals, more about diplomacy than the diplomats, more about the economy than the economists, so why not more about the law than the lawyers?

Of course, the people around him will try to sit on him, chain him to his desk, etc. And his supporters had better hope that they succeed, for once, in making him keep his mouth shut.

But you gotta admire Pelosi’s attempt. This is surely her most brilliant bit of gamesmanship yet . . . she’s trying to goad Trump into being a witness against himself . . . and given Trump’s self-centered immature personality, he just may swallow the bait.