Let’s lay waste to another Republican lie

As the impeachment investigation into Trump’s criminal behavior progresses, Republicans everywhere constantly claim “DEMOCRATS WANT TO OVERTURN THE 2016 ELECTION!!!!”

To which I reply:  BULLSHIT.  And again I say BULLSHIT!!

Think about this:  What happens if Trump dies, or resigns?

  • Does Hillary Clinton become president?  NO.  VP Mike Pence becomes president.
  • Trump has appointed 100 federal judges.  Do any of them leave?  NO.  Nothing changes.
  • Trump has signed over 100 executive orders.  Are any of these overturned?  NO.  All Trump’s EOs remain in effect.
  • Congress has passed dozens of bills and Trump has signed them into law.  Are any of these laws repealed?  NO.  Not one.  They all remain in effect.
  • Trump has appointed many officials in the Executive Branch.  Do any of these leave?  Some may; President Pence may ask some of them to resign so he can put his own people in place, but, that’s on Pence, Democrats have nothing to do with it.

Which brings us to our final question:  Will Republicans stop it with this lie?  Of course they will not.  Republicans lie.  Just as Donald Trump, Republicans lie as easily as the rest of us breath.