Captain Queeg says: “They spied on my campaign!!”

President Donald Trump, who has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter the past few days, requoted a commentary by Fox News personality Laura Ingraham alleging a grand conspiracy led by “deep state henchman John Brennan.”

Apparently catching up on Fox News from Friday night, Trump tweeted, “The Democrats dirty tricks have started this whole thing. The Whistleblower, the guy who took his case to Schiff’s staff first, is what really blows the lid off this entire saga. He worked for Biden on Ukraine policy when Biden was VP. He worked for deep state henchman John Brennan, too. And the Whistleblower also worked for Susan Rice. It’s an understatement to say that this is a Witch Hunt. @IngrahamAngle.”

For emphasis he added, “They spied on my campaign!”