She’s at it again . . . Catherine Crabill: Nutty as a porta-potty at a peanut festival

Well, folks, here it is . . . another letter to the editor from my favorite flake, the nutty, bizarre Catherine Crabill of Weems, Lancaster County, VA.    From the Northumberland Echo and the Northern Neck News, Dec 5, 2019.  This woman is off her rocker.

crabill civil war echo dec 4 2019 cropped copy

If you have a brain cell left after reading this horseshit, let’s make a few points.

1.  There are no laws against hearsay evidence.  In fact, hearsay is admitted into court and may be stronger than direct evidence.

2.  Note the last paragraph in which she raves about “a hot civil war.”  Why is it that only Republicans talk about a “civil war”?
3.  Note the last sentence in which Trump is called upon to “destroy” his political opponents.  Why is it that only Republicans and their loony allies talk about “destroying” people who disagree with them?

The author of this letter — Catherie Crabill of Weems, VA — is the same clown who, during her 2011 campaign declared if she were not elected at the “ballot box” she and her supporters should “go to the bullet box.”