Kruschev was right. Russia wins.

When one considers that sixty-four years ago Nikita Khrushchev said that Russia would defeat America from within without firing a shot and then reflects on what is happening in our politics today it curdles the blood. With ample evidence that they have compromised Trump, one also wonders if any of his staunch defenders have been turned by the soviets. No other plausible reason explains Barr, Pompeo, Nunes, and Graham among others who transitioned from ordinary conservatives to babbling sycophants of unswerving loyalty to a man they know is not loyal to this country.

Then there are former never Trumper’s like Ted Cruz and others some of whom like Cruz were vilified by Trump who now lick his boots at every opportunity. It befuddles the brain to see the reversal of course from staunch conservative to derriere kissing toady so many have taken. They know he is a liar, a Russian stooge and yet they support him at all cost to the country they took oaths to protect and defend.

Obviously, not all have been compromised by Russian feme-fatales. Still, one does have to wonder how many suffer from kompromat. The Russians stop at nothing to accomplish their political, economic, and strategic goals. They even poison people anywhere on the planet they find them if they want them dead. Certainly they would not stop at using sex, money, or other means of blackmail to control someone if it suited their purposes.