Once again, Trump demonstrates his 6th-grade maturity level

President Trump said in a closed-door White House meeting that French President Emmanuel Macron is “a pain in the ass” and disparaged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the release of a video that appeared to show the world leaders gossiping about him, a report said.

The president was speaking to more than a dozen ambassadors to the United Nations when, on two occasions, he addressed the viral recording from the NATO summit earlier this month, three sources told The Daily Beast.

At the White House meeting, Trump also allegedly referred to Macron as “short” and criticized him for not doing enough in recent Iran negotiations, the report said. Later in the day, at lunch with the ambassadors, Trump again allegedly trashed Trudeau and Macron in a lengthy tangent.

Trump’s comments made some of the ambassadors in the room “visibly uncomfortable,” a source at the meeting told the outlet.