I’m crossing Northern Neck Burgers off my list

First, here’s the background.

  • In Nov 2019, Democrats won the election for members of the Virginia General Assembly and will take control of state government in January 2020.
  • One of the issues the Democrats will address is gun control.  They likely will pass bills requiring more detailed background checks, limits on magazine size, and other reasonable legislation.
  • The reaction by the gunnuts — NRA and Virginia Citizens’ Defense League (VCDL) — was to call for “Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions” to be passed in each county.  Under these resolutions, county governments will declare that they will not be bound by state laws that regulate firearms.
  • The resolutions are meaningless, do not have the force of law, will not and cannot be enforced — they are meaningless, feel-good nonsense.

On Dec 11, a second amendment resolution passed in Essex County.  Northern Neck Burger (NNBurger) is a hamburger joint in Tappahannock, VA, Essex County.  I had a hamburger there twice — first time and last time — dry hamburger,  everything on the menu was overpriced.

Now here’s another reason to stay away from NN Burger — I’m not interested in dining surrounded by people carrying firearms, any one of whom may be high or drunk, may have just had a huge argument with his ex-wife and is angry at the world, or who is looking for an excuse to prove that his gun makes him a REAL MAN.

nnburgers sign
Jay Wolfson, co-owner of Northern Neck Burgers, at Essex County Supervisors’ meeting Dec 11 making it clear that if you don’t carry a firearm, you are not welcome in his restaurants.  Okay, thanks, Jay, I’m outta there.

Meanwhile, let’s make something clear:  I’m a 75-yr-old retired Army officer, Vietnam vet; I own guns, I hunt and shoot but I have no interest in this nonsense.

Is this clown saying that the only patriots are people who carry guns?  Bullshit.