You know what really eats at Trump, day in, day out, asleep, awake . . . ?

….is that more than half of the people in this country know he is not a legitimate President.
Yes, Democrats have wanted to impeach him from day one. That is because they know the help he solicited and got in 2016 from Russia was an impeachable offense, and they know he has done dozens of impeachable things since then.
He will NEVER be legitimate in the eyes of a majority. There will always be an asterisk next to his name in the history books — and he knows it.
Years from now there will not be public buildings, schools, airports, or streets with his name on them. School children will grow up learning and knowing how awful he was, as a person and a President.

Nobody will name their newborn children Donald J.. It will become as uncommon a first name for boys as Adolf.

On some level, he knows this. He spent his life as a kid from Queens who was never accepted by the wealthy New Yorkers.  He desperately wanted to be a part of their “club” but the real upper crust in NY recognized him for what he is:  A con man, not very bright, a bully, not a good person.

World leaders have not accepted him. He knows deep down, and it makes him absolutely seethe, that everybody laughs at him behind his back. He hasn’t forgotten the way Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, etc. used to talk about him – and he knows they probably still feel that way deep down, away from the cameras.

He is isolated. He has never had a REAL friend in his adult life – every relationship is transactional, none genuine, it’s all about what he can get.

His funeral will not have any genuine heart-felt eulogies. He will not be revered by history. He will be infamous throughout the ages, like Caligula or Henry VIII. He will not be admired. Every book or movie about him will be unflattering.

The respect he craves more than anything else, he will never have.

Bill Cosby’s and Harvey Weinstein’s present is Trump’s future. He can’t escape it.

And he knows it.