This is how Hitler started — brown shirts breaking up peaceful meetings. Now it’s thugs wearing MAGA hats . . .

President Donald Trump’s supporters are furious with Democrats over impeachment, and few Democrats draw more ire than Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. But over the weekend, according to Los Angeles Magazine, one group of Trump supporters went to truly incredible lengths to harass him.

This group of Trump supporters stormed an event at a library in Glendale, California, commemorating the victims of the Armenian genocide, where Schiff happened to be in attendance. In front of full view of elderly family members of genocide survivors, the Trump supporters accosted Schiff with anti-impeachment protest signs, after which “heated exchanges gave way to physical scuffles.”

“This is, from the beginning, a nonpartisan event, not meant to elevate any one individual over another, purely just celebrating recognition of the Armenian genocide,” said Armenian National Committee of America communications director Alex Galitsky. “There’s no excuse for using this event as a tool in their fight against impeachment. The politicization of genocide recognition is disgusting, no one should be using our trauma for their partisan political agenda, [and] we wholeheartedly reject those insincere apologies.”

Video of Trump’s red-hatted thugs here: