Trump raved for TWO HOURS at Michigan rally . . . this man is insane!!!

President Donald Trump went off on an extended rally speech in Michigan as the House of Representatives were approving Articles I and II of his impeachment.

But as CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted, the president had a hard time navigating what he should say about impeachment. He would touch on the topic and then “retreat” to something more comfortable, Dale explained.

He also incorrectly stated that he was the first president to be impeached.

Just as the president finished ranting about the debunked conspiracy theory that there were “low ratings” for the impeachment hearings, he then bragged about how good his ratings were when he hosted “The Apprentice” at NBC. He said he “loved it,” that everyone was failing so much without him. In fact, the president was only successful on NBC for the first few years of his show. The impeachment hearings garnered a more significant audience than Trump’s final seasons of his show.

The president moved on to attack Hillary Clinton with a debunked conspiracy theory, prompting the audience to chant their favorite, “lock her up.”

He then attacked Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and her late husband John, who died in February after being the longest-serving member of Congress. The Michigan couple are well regarded and the former Congressman was considered “the Dean” of Congress. Trump then alleged that Dingell was probably in Hell, something the audience didn’t like.

He attacked the cable company Comcast. He complained he never sees a lobby anymore because of what the Secret Service must do when going into a building.

Trump also said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be voted out of office after the impeachment vote. It was a strange comment given Pelosi won her 2018 election with 86.8 percent of the vote.

After speaking for about 90 minutes, the president began calling people up on stage, saying he could be there all night because he has “nothing else to do.”

The president then appeared to begin reading the TelePrompter speech that was prepared for him. He ticked off the main points of his policies and emphasized the economy. Yet, when he talked about jobs in Michigan, he had some struggles with accurate numbers.

In an ironic twist, Trump then used a French word to attack globalism.

Later, he claimed that Republicans would ensure Americans keep healthcare coverage of their pre-existing conditions and pre-existing physicians.

At one point, the president turned to trash the media for covering his bizarre tweets about the White House toilets and that he has to flush them so many times. Also, new dishwashers require hitting buttons 10 or 12 times. It’s unclear what the president is talking about as he likely doesn’t do the dishes.

He spoke for over two hours.

Push 12 buttons to operate a dishwasher.  As if he knows anything about washing dishes.