Does this sound familiar?

You are stuck in low-paying, dead-end jobs because of who you are.  Your communities are overrun with drugs because of who you are.  Your paycheck is not enough to get you to the end of the month because of who you are.  The elite are mocking you because of who you are.  I am the one who can lead you out of this chaos.

Sound like Trump?  Exactly like Trump.

Well, actually, that’s the message of Louis Farrakhan.

So — why did people vote for Trump and attack Farrakhan?

Could it be that Trump was white and Farrakhan was . . . ?

You suppose?

Stuck in low-paying jobs, beset by drugs, mocked and shunted aside are forces not supposed to happen to white people but are forces that are supposed to be in the nature of black people.

Now do you understand the meaning of “white supremacy” and “racism”?