Rudy Giuliani conducted his entire interview with his fly unzipped, falling down drunk

Rudy Giuliani rails against ‘a–hole’ New York prosecutors in belligerent, alcohol-fueled interview

…. …fell into a wall and forgot to zip his fly.

The man formerly known as “America’s mayor” gave the unglued interview to New York Magazine on Dec. 8 over Bloody Marys at the Mark Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. ….

“I’m more of a Jew than Soros,” said Giuliani, who had the fly of his pants unzipped throughout the interview. “He’s a horrible human being.”

On his way into the hotel restaurant with the story’s writer, Giuliani tumbled into a wall.

“He kept on walking as if it hadn’t happened,” the writer, Olivia Nuzzi, noted.

Giuliani, who has long been rumored to have problems with alcohol, conceded that he likes scotch and cigars but pushed back against claims that he’s on drugs. ….