Trump’s “no sense of decency” moment is coming

Today is my Xmas-eve attempt to cheer myself and give us all a bit of holiday hope. This diary is best consumed with eggnog.

I posit that Donald Trump’s “No Sense of Decency” moment is coming.


I don’t know exactly when. Hopefully soon and before the 2020 election.

I don’t know exactly how.  But hopefully, in a hard, painful, unprofitable, brand-damaging and humiliating manner.

And I don’t know exactly who will do it.   Hopefully it will be a disabled, muslim, refugee, trans woman, but I really don’t care who.  Anyone will do.

Joe McCarthy didn’t see it coming.  Joseph Welch probably didn’t see it coming either, but he was doing the right and honorable thing standing up for a young man who should have been just one more defenseless victim in a long line of McCarthy victims.  Welch said the right magic words at the right moment, in defense of the right person. And America began to awaken from its nightmarish slumber.

When it happens for Trump, I imagine it will be quite unexpected to everyone, especially Trump.

It may be that we don’t immediately recognize that it has happened.

One of the signs that it has happened might be that Trump issues an apology, sort of.

Or it may be that some supporters, even Fox news, will just refuse to ‘go there’ with Trump (except for Tucker & Hannity, obviously. There is nothing they are incapable of).

Its coming.  It is out there.  This fantasy of a possible Trump self-immolation, as well all the good hard work you do to #resist — it all gives me hope to press on, into, and well through 2020.

There there are limits, even for Trump. The son of a bitch is just a human being wrapped up in a myth.  Though he has expanded the range for outrageous and immoral behavior,  he is not invincible. He is not a king (yet). He will reveal himself as a naked emperor.

Watch for it. Its going to happen.  Maybe it already ha