Iowa woman who ran over child “because she looks like a Mexican” has long history of getting breaks in spite of her criminal activity

She was charged with stabbing one boyfriend in the chest in 2017 and, months later, with threatening another with a butcher’s knife. She told her ex-husband during a child custody dispute that she was going to kill him.

Despite accusations of violence and threats and her chronic drug use and mental health problems over the last three years, Nicole Marie Poole Franklin caught several breaks from Iowa’s criminal justice system, court records show.

The 42-year-old unemployed white woman, who is also identified in some court and police documents at Nicole Marie Poole, was allowed to stay out of prison and avoid treatment before hitting a Latino girl and a black boy with her car on Dec. 9.

She was arrested and charged with a hate crime in connection with a disturbance later that same day at a West Des Moines gas station where witnesses told police she called an employee and customers racial epithets.

If she was black, she’d be a “thug”. If she was Muslim, she’d be a “terrorist”. If she was Hispanic, she’d be “MS-13”. But because she is who she is — a white woman —  she “deserved some breaks” instead. She wasn’t alone when she drove that car into those kids, everyone who is OK with this racial double standard drove with her.

In case you are not familiar with this story, here are several reports.

Iowa woman runs over 14-yr-old girl “because she is Mexican”

A few hours before running over the girl, this woman ran over a black boy.