Coincidence? I don’t think so.


BREAKING: A Deutsche Bank whistleblower has told the FBI that the Russian state-owned bank VTB underwrote Trump’s loans:


On Jan 3, 2020, the CEO of Russia’s biggest bank flew into Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in the dead of night.

The head of the bank is assigned a Gulfstream G650 business liner with a tail number RA-10204.

Live flight tracking of RA-10204 shows the aircraft flying from Sheremetyevo Int’l , Russia, to Fr. Lauderdale, FL.

From live flight log:

Depart 10:09PM MSK Sheremetyevo Int’l – SVO
Arrive 02:31AM EST (+1) Fort Lauderdale Intl – FLL
Duration of flight:  12h 23m
Trump’s estate at Mar-A-Lago in West Palm Beach is a short drive from Fort Lauderdale.  Trump will be at Mar-A-Lago for two weeks, ending Jan 5.