The Liar and the Grease Monkey: Trump and Pompeo

Years and years ago, the great New York Yankee skipper Billy Martin was asked what he thought of George Steinbrenner, the club’s owner, and Reggie Jackson, the team’s star player at that time, seeing as Martin had been involved in some rather public disagreements with them both. Billy somewhat famously remarked, “The two were meant for each other. One’s a born liar and the other’s convicted.”

Today, if anyone were asked the same question about Secy of State Pompeo and President Trump, they could just as quickly and easily remark, “One’s a born liar and the other is nothing but a grease monkey.”

Trump, of course, is the born liar.

Pompeo — whose only military experience was as a tank platoon leader and then as the tank squadron maintenance officer — is the grease monkey.

It is absurd beyond the surreal that such men should have any say whatsoever in international affairs, let alone in sensitive combat and deployment type decisions.

As was widely reported, former Secy of Defense James Mattis was offered a chance to take out Qasem Suleimani, and passed, most likely because, as an experienced commander of soldiers in battle, he knew that such a pivotal figure could only be taken on on the battlefield. A gratuitous hit with a drone in an airport parking lot, Mattis knew, would cost more in blood and treasure than it would avenge. And he was right.

Thanks to The Liar and The Grease Monkey, the U.S. military is in the process of being booted out of Iraq, a nation we sacrificed much blood and treasure to preserve. Our nation deserves better in terms of its leaders.

Let’s hope that the 2020 Presidential Election brings us real change, and some hope for the future, both for us and for the Iranians as well.