Sen. Tom Cotton (R, Arkansas) – – just another dumbass hillbilly

Here are two tweets, one from Sen. Cotton, one reporting on Cotton’s remarks.  Cotton attacked NYC’s murder rate.

Tom Cotton ✔ @SenTomCotton

· Jan 9, 2020
The rise in anti-Semitic attacks is a symptom of a larger breakdown of public order in our nation’s cities. The solution to crime is the same as it always has been: More and better policing.
Tom Cotton on Anti-Semitism
On January 9, Tom Cotton of Arkansas made a speech on the floor of the United States Senate about the shocking rise of anti-Semitic crimes in and around New York City. Everyone should read it…


Here’s a response to Cotton about the murder rate in his own state.

Charles P. Pierce ✔ @CharlesPPierce

New York City homicide rate per 100,000: 3.6
Arkansas homicide rate per 100,000: 7.2.
Tell your church-going constituents to stop killing each other.