Trump piles lie upon lie upon lie

Since the US killed Iranian General Solemaini, we have heard nothing but lies from Trump.

  • Trump actually approved the killing of Solemaini SEVEN MONTHS AGO.
  • Trump claimed four embassies were under threat.  Secretary of Defense said he never heard of such threats.
  • Trump said Solemaini had planned attacks on US installation and attacks were “imminent.”   Secretaries of Defense and State said they never heard such a thing.

Here’s a detailed report on Trump’s lies.

Trump never warned the four embassies that were supposed to be under threat.

At an Ohio rally, Trump claimed that Suleimani “was actively planning new attacks,” and later said on Fox News that “four embassies” were targeted in the plot.

“But State Department officials remain in the dark about the specific nature of that threat, the sources said,” CNN’s Kylie Atwood reports. “These officials also say the State Department did not produce the analysis that US embassies in the Middle East faced an imminent threat, the legally required threshold to justify [Suleimani’s] killing.”

And what does Trump do to deflect from his lies?  He cranks up his twitter account and shouts about Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi being “bad.”