Meanwhile, all is not well in Trump World

In an awkward moment before a large national television audience tuned into the watch the College Football National Championship, first lady Melania Trump abruptly snatched her hand away from President Donald Trump.

Prior to the game, the president and his wife strolled onto the field and stood at attention as the National Anthem was played. After the president took her hand, she pulled it away, leaving him to adjust his jacket and smile as she stood stone-faced.

Meanwhile, check out the photo:

  • Why is she wearing her black vinyl raincoat?  The game was played INSIDE the New Orleans Superdome and there was no rain outside.
  • His left shoulder is drooping lower than his right shoulder?  Stroke?

Let’s face facts:  To Trump she’s just a prop to make him look like a real man. To her he’s a disgusting piece of shit using her for a prop, but in return she has fame and fortune. Quid Pro Quo.