Memo to Republicans: You know he is guilty

We know because you’ve told us so – over, over, and over again.

When your IMpOTUS refused to produce any documents and you backed him up, you told us that you know he’s guilty, and are willing to cover up his crimes.

When your IMpOTUS directed people to break the law by refusing to comply with legally-issued subpoenas and you supported that lawbreaking, you told us that you know he’s guilty, but are determined to keep him in office anyway.

When your IMpOTUS blocked witnesses with firsthand knowledge from testifying and you supported that position, you told us that you know he’s guilty, but you’re more than happy knowing certain mouths are shut.

McConnell and Graham have already told us they have no intention of honoring the oath of their office, nor the separate oath they will have to swear to be impartial jurors in Trump’s senate trial – and in doing so, they told us that they know who the guilty parties are – and Trump is but one of many.

Documents reveal all kinds of things, as do people under oath who are forced to choose between being forever ostracized by their own party and committing perjury.

We, the people of intelligence and common sense, have asked ourselves why an entire political party is willing to so blatantly cover for an obviously corrupt IMpOTUS, who has all but destroyed their party’s credibility for decades to come.

And the only feasible answer is that a lot of you aren’t covering Trump’s treasonous ass – you’re covering your own.