Are you ready for some really, really stupid shit from “christians?”


According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, this photo of an eclipse over the Persian Gulf shows “devil horns” and foretells . . . well, foretells something . . .


Courtesy of Deadstate:

While on vacation in Qatar this past December, Astronomer Elias Chasiotis took some photos of a solar eclipse over the Persian Gulf. The photos were gorgeous, but some saw them as a sinister sign that coincides with recent tensions on the region.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News) characterized the image as “appearing to show a pair of ‘devil horns’ rising up” on a Middle East horizon. The article also made sure to point out that there were a “pair of major earthquakes” that “struck near a major nuclear plant” around the same time the photo went viral.

Christian preacher Charlie Shamp shared the photo to his Instagram page and said it’s relevant to a “special prophetic broadcast” he recently gave where he spoke about “the Prince of Persia arising in Iran.”


Keep in mind these people are allowed to procreate and to vote. 

In fact they are a large part of the reason that we now have Donald Trump in the White House.