Don’t we all eat breakfast with people we don’t know? Trump says “I don’t know Parnas.” Photos say different.

Now that convicted felon Lev Parnas is singing like a canary and connecting Trump to stalking Ambassador Yovanovitch, Trump is declaring at every opportunity — “Parnas?  Parnas who?  Never heard of him.”

Let’s not even bring up the FACT that Parnas has worked for the Trump companies since he was 16 — let’s just look at some recent documents dumped by Parnas’ attorney.

File this under the category of “Documentary Evidence” …

Documents released Wednesday by the committee appear to confirm Parnas’ position. In a calendar entry from September, Parnas wrote, “Breakfast with President Trump in NYC,” the documents showed. — Jan 16, 2019

File this under the category of “Yet more CYA Lies” …

Trump said Thursday he doesn’t know Parnas at all and dismissed the photos of him and Parnas together, saying he takes pictures with “thousands of people, including today, that I didn’t meet.”

I don’t know who this man is,” Trump said. — Jan 16, 2019

So again the commonsense question:

Who has breakfast with “someone he doesn’t know”?

— — 

"In August of 2015, Parnas posted four photos and a video from a Trump campaign event at Doral, including this picture with Trump and his son."
Looks like Parnas had Dinner with Trump too.
Parnas:  Pence was in the Loop.

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It looks like a LOT of Trump associates do.

Do take meeting with quote “someone they don’t know.”

And this just in, from the latest Document Dump:

Uh oh!   The Donald’s in for a surprise.  … He DOES know the man.
Junior too.
Two peas in a Pod.


A handwritten note by Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas lists his tasks, starting with getting Ukraine's new president to announce an investigation into
Parnas’ “To Do List” — Bosses’ Orders.
Trump:  “I never met the guy.”