Trump is unhappy with Fox, turns to OAN — OAN makes Fox look downright professional

If there’s one constant in the Trump presidency, it’s that he loves his television. Historically, that’s meant Fox but more recently Donald Trump has met someone else, someone younger, blonder and a LOT dumber. Yes, One America News Network (OAN) — which brought us “Betrayal at Benghazi: The Cost of Hillary Clinton’s Dereliction and Greed” during the 2016 election cycle — is Trump’s new favorite channel.

Any time Trump feels that Fox is being disloyal by interviewing a Democrat or reporting an inconvenient fact or just not being pro-Trump enough to satisfy him, he reminds Rupert that he is not opposed to dumping those who disappoint him, whether those be wives, ambassadors, cabinet members, long-time associates or news stations.

In May, Trump tweeted his “congratulations to @OANN on the great job you are doing and the big ratings jump (‘thank you President Trump’)!” In December, OAN gave Rudy Giuliani three hours of air time for a special series that promised to expose the “real” Ukraine conspiracy.

I watched OAN for a half-hour a few months ago.  During that half-hour I lost about 10 IQ points.  The stupid was overwhelming.