This is where we are today

This is where we are today:   Lt. Col. Vindman, a decorated military officer who still has shrapnel in his body from when he shed blood in uniform for this country, is insulted, attacked, harassed, and forced out by Cadet Bonespurs, the guy who bragged to Howard Stern that his personal Vietnam was trying to avoid STDs in the 1970s as he trolled Studio 54 for 13-year-old girls.

And the red state Trump supporters, the dimwits who wear the “Make America Great Again” hats — the human scum who claim to love the military so much — worship Trump and cheer him on, while the spineless Republican party turns a blind eye.

Pathetic. Sick. Treasonous.

I never ever again want to hear another lecture about patriotism or supporting the troops from these Trump-loving scumbags.  Add to that, I never want to hear any more lectures about fiscal responsibility and family values from them.