Barr tells Trump: “BE QUIET!! You are calling attention to what we are doing!!”

As we all know, Trump and Attorney General Barr have declared war on the Constitution and on all our institutions.  Trump is seething with anger over having been impeached and now that he was acquitted by the sycophant Republican Senators, he is determined to destroy everyone whom he considers to be an enemy.  Barr, of course, is helping him.

Suddenly, yesterday, Barr — in an interview with ABC News — seemed to tell Trump to stop tweeting about his rage and hate.

Many pundits are so happy now to praise Barr for being a rock-solid defender of all that is holy.


What Barr said was this:  “Trump and I are stealing the crown jewels.  He needs to be quiet and stop pulling the fire alarm so we can get away with it.”

In no way is Barr standing up for right.  He is trying to get Trump to stop calling attention to what they are doing so he can get along with turning this nation into a dictatorship.

AG Barr is to Trump and Roland Freisler was to Hitler.