About this site; the demise of two Tea Parties (and more)

Thank you for visiting http://www.va99teaparty.com.  In case you have not guessed, this is NOT the website of the defunct 99th District Tea Party, formerly active on Virginia’s Northern Neck.

From about 2009 — following President Obama’s election — the national Republican Party worked behind the scenes to set up “grassroots” “Tea Parties” in as many locales as possible.  While the local people participating in these “Tea Parties” claimed they were “grassroots political movements,” they were, in fact, behind-the-scenes controlled by the Republican Party.  Yes, I know . . . many local Tea Parties split with their local Republican Parties, which is one of the reasons today’s Republican Party is in decline.

But, I digress.

One of the “grassroots” Tea Parties that sprang up in Virginia was the 99th District Tea Party, so named because it’s membership came mainly from Virginia’s 99th House of Delegates District.  The 99DTP was quite active from 2009 until mid-2016 when they folded, cancelled their corporate registration, held no more meetings, and vanished.

In fact, by early 2013 the 99th District Tea Party was in serious trouble as evidenced by this announcement of a meeting on January 15, 2013:  Virginia’s 99th District Tea Party will meet at the Firehouse, 2789 White Chapel Road in Lively at 7:00 PM. Edgar Doleman will present “Post Election—Where Does the Tea Party Go From Here?” Come and bring a friend along.

I now own their website and domain, which I will use to spread the word about the evil that is today’s Republican Party.

There are several reasons the 99DTP faded into well-deserved oblivion.

  • Incompetent leadership.  I’m not certain of the order, however, the 99DTP had at least three presidents in its short lifetime.  One was JIM SPIESS — more about him here and here — scroll down to page A3.  Another was EDGAR DOLEMAN, an avuncular, mostly harmless old guy who pictures himself as a philosopher.  He’s not.  The next — and final president — was DON JOHNSON, a nut — don’t believe he’s a nut?  Check out his Twitter feed . . . bizarre.   Others in the leadership include Lyn Neira (a harmless little old lady) and Gene Underwood (not the brightest bulb in the tree).  Things really went downhill in October 2013 — the 99DTP sponsored a candidate forum for local candidates in Kilmarnock, VA.  Then-president Don Johnson was moderator.  He proceeded to shut down anyone who asked a question with which he disagreed, causing the forum to end in an uproar.  99DTP membership dropped like a rock after that.
  • Focus on stupid non-issues.  Johnson’s focus was on “the Muslim threat.”  To that end, he packed the meetings with phony guest speakers raving about how Obama was a “closet Muslim;” how we all need to “prepare” for the Muslims; and similar nonsense, all of which had the effect of driving off current and prospective members.
  • Inflexible positions.  At first, 99DTP members were also members of the Northumberland County Republican Party, where they adopted completely inflexible positions on everydamnthing.  At each meeting, the Tea Partiers constantly demanded “point of order,” called the normal people “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only), and tried to force the Party to the far right.  At their 2012 Christmas Party, after drinks, dinner, and celebratory speeches, the entire Northumberland County Republican Party leadership stood up, resigned and announced they had dissolved the Party and sent all their money to the Republican Party of Virginia.  The Tea Partiers were left holding an empty bag.
  • Loss of interest.  Eventually it dawned on all but a few committed halfwits that the 99DTP was dead . . . very few attending meetings; no new members; Don Johnson was acting more and more erratic.  So, in mid-2016, they dissolved.  In November 2016, their website and domain expired and I bought the domain and set up this website which now definitely has nothing to do with the 99DTP or any other ship of fools.

The final email message from the 99th District Tea Party is at this link.


While the 99DTP membership was mainly from Lancaster and Northumberland Counties, in neighboring Westmoreland County was the Montross Tea Party.  Their history mirrors that of the 99DTP — started in 2009, very active, then, disappeared by mid- to late-2016.  Now defunct.

Montross Tea Party at their height, May 2011.


Montross Tea Party, 2016.  The two guys in the back row are Roger Meredith and Ray Dabney — their combined IQ is below average.  Front row, L-R:  Cindy Marston; Dee Meredith; and Beverly and Bill Horn —  the Horns appear as props  in a lot of ads and events for local Republicans.


In early 2016, the Montross Tea Party leadership (such as it was) published this notice on their defunct website:

Come Join Us and Help us Reclaim our Liberties


Members and Friends of the Montross Tea Party,


Our Board of Directors have been concerned for sometime on the drop of attendance at our Regular Tuesday night meetings. Our last meeting the attendance was 6.  We understand that we have members that are out of town and others that do not drive after dark especially in the winter and others that are working hard and just can’t make the meetings.


It is getting hard to get speakers and not fair to get speakers for only 6-10 members.  We have asked for input from our members.  The only input we have received is from our lively open discussions at meetings.


We are not going to roll over and let the Montross Tea Party die!  But we need to do something.  After two Board Meetings and a long agonizing debate this is our solution for now.  We are going to suspend our Tuesday night meetings for the time being.  This is effective the 8th of February.  The Board can call regular meetings as necessary.


Our Plan is this:

  1. Continue with Monthly Board Meetings.  We will announce them so members that have an interest can attend the Board Meetings. We can also call special Board Meetings as necessary.
  1. Continue with our Standing Committees.
    • Event Committee – Board (we would like a Chairperson)
    • Highway Clean Up Committee – Vic Snell
    • Letter Writing Committee – Doc Dugan
    • Membership Contact Committee – Bill Horn
  2. We will have a meeting on April 7th as this is our Election of Officers as called for by our By-Laws.  We will appoint a Nominating Committee and will take nominations from the floor.
  3. We will continue with our Long Range Events.

·        Spring Gun Show Booth (If there is one)

·        Memorial Day Observance

·        Richmond County Fair

·        Constitution Day Observance

·        Montross Fall Festival and Parade

·        Lively/Montross 99th District Joint Christmas Party

We will also keep our email list and sending out Information as needed.  As the local elections heat up we may call meetings to meet the candidates.

The Montross Tea Party has made a favorable impact in the Northern Neck and enjoys a good reputation.  With your cooperation we can continue to do so.  Please be willing to volunteer when you receive an email for a call to action.

The Board encourages any input on our plan and suggestions.  We hope that we can get back to Regular Meetings with all your support.


Best regards,

Kathy Craig,

After this notice, they held one more meeting and that was it.


In February 2019, a lone voice was asking when the Montross Tea Party would meet again.  And the answer was . . . silence.


Here’s a page that contains the last message from the 99th District Tea Party, cancelling their June 2016 meeting . . . after which they folded.

Here’s a page showing that most Tea Parties registered as corporations in Virginia are terminated, cancelled, merged, out of business.