Final message from the 99th District Tea Party

The following is the last message sent by the 99th District Tea Party.   Note these points:

  • No meeting in June 2016.  In fact, there were no further meetings, not just no July 2016 meeting.  No more meetings.  Ever.
  • See the references to the “First District Freedom Coalition” complete with an announcement of the FDFC first meeting — devoted to the “radical Muslim threat.”  The meeting never took place . . . cancelled.  The First District Freedom Coalition faded from view . . . Facebook page disappeared, no more newspaper notices of their meetings . . . dead before started.


Fwd: FW: Notice of NO 99th District Tea Party June Meeting- Announcement of Special July Presentation on Refugee Resettlement

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From: Gene Underwood <>
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:22 PM
Subject: FW: Notice of NO 99th District Tea Party June Meeting-
Announcement of Special July Presentation on Refugee Resettlement
To: Gene Underwood <>Mark you calendars for July 13th!Gene

From: The Neira’s []
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2016 4:38 PM
To: Neira Lyn & Art
Cc: Keeler Bob; Paula Nachman; Sherrill Sue; Rainville Marilyn; Don
Mitchell; King Dave; Clingan Sue; Blackstone Joan
Subject: Notice of NO June Meeting- Announcement of Special July Presentation

The 99th District Tea Party will not hold a meeting in June. We hope
all will attend the July event mentioned below that is being sponsored
by the First District Freedom Coalition, newly organized by concerned
patriots in the Middle Peninsula and the Northern Neck, including the
99th District Tea Party.

We are preparing for a special event scheduled for 7:00 P.M.
Wednesday, July 13 at White Stone Church of the Nazarene, located just
off Rt. 200 outside Kilmarnock on the left, ( 57 Whisk Dr. just past
the pottery shop)

Our speaker next month will be Chris Gaubatz who works with John
Guandolo’s Understanding the Threat organization. You must remember a
year ago January, in the packed, standing room only audience, John
spoke with us concerning the threat of Islamic terror at the Ruritan
Club in Lively.

July speaker, Chris Gaubatz is the son of a career Air Force OSI
Special Agent, and grew up in England, Korea, California, and Utah.
Today Chris calls southwestern Virginia home. He worked for several
Fortune 500 companies, conducting fraud investigations and asset
protection, as well as insurance. In 2007, Chris began researching the
threat of jihadi organizations in the United States by infiltrating
and attending conferences of Islamic organizations in the United
States whose goal is a global caliphate that will eradicate all other
religions in the U. S. and institute sharia law.

Today, there is no threat analysis within the myriad of U. S.
national security agencies that even identifies Islam nor jihad. The
reason for this is due to the terrorist organization known as the
Muslim Brotherhood having insulated itself within our government,
military, White House, the national security establishment, education
system, transnational bodies, and even interfaith communities.

Mr. Gaibatz will address the problem of refugee settlements. This
administration is bringing these refugees in with practically no
notice to the localities of their arrival. We understand if areas
notify federal and state officials of their refusal to accommodate
these refugees they have leverage in keeping them out. Citizens,
County and City officials have the opportunity to pass resolutions
that supports legislation that will place an immediate prohibition on
all federal and state government officers and agencies from aiding
Syrian refugees to settle in the U. S. and the Commonwealth of
Virginia for a period of at least two years.

The recent radical jihadist terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and
Orlando forewarn what is to come. While Americans remain apathetic,
refusing to believe “that will never happen here.” refugee settlements
have planned to use this tactic to recolonize America into their own
culture.. Our Virginia Governor is all in favor of accommodating these
“victims from the Middle East.” Is the public aware of how these
“victims” will increase our taxes to provide housing, schooling in
their languages, health care for the diseases they bring, and the
culture that is totally counter to our Constitution, Declaration of
Independence and American law. American citizens will suffer personal
safety consequences and endangerment. We should have a voice and VETO
this insane policy dictated by tyrannical forces of this invasion of
Syrians to our country.

Web references: Understanding the

The Virginia Free Citizen Watch

Refugee Resettlement in Virginia

Above attachment – Immigration & Nationality Act

Lyn Neira Vice President

99th District Tea Party



Meanwhile, the Virginia State Corporation Commission website lists the 99th District Tea Party corporate status as TERMINATED.  But we knew that already.

Virginia’s 99th District Tea Party


SCC ID: 07445810
Entity Type: Corporation
Jurisdiction of Formation: VA
Date of Formation/Registration: 12/6/2011
Status: Terminated

Principal Office

PO BOX 414

Registered Agent/Registered Office

2412 MILA RD
Status: Active
Effective Date: 12/6/2011


I searched for TEA PARTY on the Corporation Commission website and found a LOT of them have terminated.  After the Tea Parties had outlived their usefulness, the Republican Party abandoned them — no more speakers, no more planning meetings, no more financial support — and they folded.

More on the dissolution of the 99th District Tea Party

  • Incorporation Date6 December 2011 (about 7 years ago)
  • Dissolution Date30 April 2017
  • Company Type Corporate
  • JurisdictionVirginia (US)
  • Registered Address
  • PO BOX 414
  • 22482
  • VA
  • United States