And to think — you TeaPublicans actually support this piece of shit.

Remember back during the 2016 campaign when Trump told us he would not have time to play golf?  Remember that?  As usual — he lied — so far, he’s played golf 177 times. But Trump’s trips to his own golf courses have crossed yet another red line — according to Huffpost, the bill to taxpayers for Trump’s time on the links has now passed $100 million dollars.

  • For those keeping track, that’s three times the cost of the Mueller investigation, even if you don’t discount the money that Mueller recovered through fines.
  • It’s four times the money set aside for replacing out of date government systems and improving technology—including technology that protects election systems from hacking.
  • It’s equal to the entire budget for the Office for Civil Rights.

And it’s not about to stop. On Tuesday, the White House announced that Trump is paying a visit on Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. But Trump isn’t going to Dublin. Instead he’s going to his golf resort at Doonbeg. Trump will haul the Secret Service, his staff, and his armored transport across the ocean for the express purpose of playing golf. And he’ll once again pick up a check from everyone who stays at his property, and the agents that have to eat at Trump’s restaurants or rent carts on his course.

So, as Trump rails in the Rose Garden against “wasting time” and declares that he is going to do just “one track” at a time, Trump can’t be bothered with the effort it takes to forward some documents to the Congress. But he can fly across the world for golf.

And if you have to know, Trump’s spending is many times higher than that of Barack Obama, who not only spent less than half as much time playing, but did it at a much lower cost. Almost as if he was aware he was spending other people’s money.


Wjy do “charter schools” still exist? After all, every one of them is a scam.

Just in case anyone still wonders why charter schools exist:

The founder of Los Angeles-based charter school network Celerity Educational Group was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for misspending $3.2 million in public funds.

In January, Vielka McFarlane pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to misappropriate and embezzle funds for personal use. McFarlane, 56, had for years used her charter schools’ credit card and spent taxpayer money on expensive clothing, luxury hotel stays and first-class flights. The bulk of the money spent was for the purchase and renovation of an office building in Columbus, Ohio, where McFarlane intended to open another charter school.

The details get pretty tasty.

Purchases included:

— $9,299 for two recumbent bicycles for her and her spouse

— $7,742 for plane tickets to Washington, D.C., for President Obama’s second inauguration

— $3,347 at luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo in Beverly Hills

— $914 at the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena

— $800 on Blacklane, an Uber competitor that pulls from a network of licensed chauffeurs with high-end cars

— $425 at the Lobster, a seafood restaurant in Santa Monica

In addition to her use of Celerity’s public funds, McFarlane created a web of for-profit companies that worked with her charter schools, including Celerity Global Development, which received 10% to 12% of the charter schools’ revenue. Global spent thousands on a recording studio that McFarlane planned to use for a for-profit media-production business.

“If you want to help your students, you can teach them that if they make mistakes, they have to pay the price and be responsible for their own actions,” U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner said during the sentencing.

In 2013, McFarlane earned $471,842 — about 35% more than Michelle King, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, was making in 2017.

The mafia couldn’t do a better job scamming on education than charter school proponents.

Why does “reaching out” go only one way?

In case you have not guessed, I’m an old-line, life-long FDR New Deal Democrat and proud of it.  With the ascendance of Trump and Trump voters in the GOP, and with the control Fox “news” has over “conservatives,” I’m told time and again that I need to “reach out,” “understand the needs of working people,” and similar platitudes.

Tell me:  Why am I the one who must reach out?  Why do I need to watch Fox?  How about some of you TeaPublicans reaching out?  How about YOU turn off Fox and spend a month watching Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell??  How about it?

Every time a Republican says “working class,” s/he means “white working class.”   Every time a Republican says “blue collar,” s/he means “white blue collar workers.”

This one-sided reaching out also manifests itself in periodic demands that Democratic politicians show knowledge or interest about some very marginal interest that is somehow Authentically American because it is liked by white guys who fly Confederate flags.

Why the double standard?  When do YOU reach out to me??

Pelosi wins!!!!

Pelosi and Schumer went to the White House for a meeting with the 6-year-old posing as President.  He spoke for three minutes, pitched a fit, walked out on them, went to the Rose Garden and started shrieking about collusion or something.

Pelosi wins again!!  She controls Trump!!!

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin reported details of Trump’s short meeting with Democrats following the president’s Rose Garden remarks.

“Two Democratic sources with knowledge of the meeting between President Trump and Democrats — again, this was a meeting set to talk about infrastructure,” Melvin reported.

“President Trump walked in and said I’m for infrastructure, trade and the farm bill and I want to do all of it,” the Democratic sources told MSNBC. “But I just heard Pelosi say horrible things. She said I’m involved in a cover up. [Democrats] had a meeting at 9 a.m. on this issue and it’s so inconsiderate.”

“You need to get all of your investigations over before we talk about anything else,” the staffers said, summarizing the president’s remarks. “The president — quote — pouted for a few more minutes and then walked away.It was exactly what he did in the shutdown meeting when he walked out.”

Alabama thug who murdered one cop, wounded another, beat his wife is a Trump supporter. Nothing surprising here.

JJ MacNab


Alabama man accused of shooting three police officers, one fatally, is a military veteran, alt-right 4channer. Officers were responding to a report of domestic violence. 

BREAKING: AUBURN/UPDATED 11:40 A.M.: Chief asks for prayers, IDs shot officers; DA says will see…


Courtesy of NBC News:

A man suspected of fatally shooting one police officer and wounding two others at an Alabama trailer park was captured Monday after an overnight manhunt, police said.

Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, is charged with capital murder, three counts of attempted murder and domestic violence.

He was clad in camouflage and body armor when he allegedly shot the officers, who were responding to reports of a domestic disturbance Sunday night at the Arrowhead Trailer Park in Auburn, according to police.

After an overnight manhunt, this murderer was taken alive, you know because he’s white, and is now in custody and facing serious charges.

But what makes this story a little more interesting than just your typical Alabama white trash asshole getting a snootful and shooting at the police, is his social media postings.

In social media posts and pictures, Wilkes identified as an Army veteran, assigned to an airborne infantry unit, and shared pro-Trump posts and memes.

Other posts suggested Wilkes held a far-right political ideology, anti-Muslim views, and an affinity for 4chan, an online image board known as a haven for internet trolls and racist, extremist content.

Here are a few more social media posts that were discovered by JJ MacNab and posted before it could be scrubbed.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

That’s right, this piece of human waste was an ardent Trump supporting, Muslim hating, white supremacist.

So here we have yet another example of the kind of people who are drawn to Donald Trump by the thousands.


Republican Party has now, officially, lost their minds

Republicans invariably rely on three issues to rile-up their voters: Christianity, guns, and abortion. And when they pulled the abortion issue out of their asses these past few weeks, it was a signal that two out of those three issues are no longer viable as vote-getters.

Playing the Christianity card is a tad difficult when the President you’re supporting is a thrice married, self-declared ‘pussy grabber’ who paid off mistresses in order to secure their silence – and who lied repeatedly about those payoffs, only to be exposed in the end.

In view of the rise in the number of school shootings, claiming to be the party that protects gun-owners doesn’t play well with anyone right now. That’s a given.

So that leaves the third option to use when you pound the podium – abortion. And the sudden resurgence of the argument over a woman’s right to choose can only mean one thing: there are no other options left to try and capture the traditional Republican voter.

I’m sure this tack looked good on the drawing board. “We can’t appeal to the gun nuts, and we can’t appeal to the holier-than-thou Christians. So let’s go full throttle on the anti-choice crowd, and hope for the best.”

The problem here is obvious. The majority of the country overwhelmingly believes that Roe v Wade is settled law, and have no desire to change it.  So, as a result,  the desperation of the Republican powers-that-be is on full display. Despite anti-choice being as unpopular as the bubonic plague, the GOP has dragged it out in a last-ditch effort to appeal to their voting base.

Of course, the ”But we want to protect the unborn!” message is considered ludicrous by people who know that the already-born are being denied the assistance that feeds them, educates them, and provides them affordable healthcare.

The Republican men who are suddenly enacting draconian laws that limit a woman’s right to choose are not doing so in response to their constituents demanding such legislation. They are doing it in response to their party’s desperation, their last hope of ginning-up support for a political agenda that relies on non-existent outrage.

When you are desperate enough to try to appeal to the minority of your base, you have confirmed the fact that you have no one else to appeal to, and nowhere else to go for political coverage. It is a sign that even you know that along with having to defy the law in order to defend the traitor you placed in the White House, the stench of your party’s flop-sweat is all-pervasive among the voting public.

If there is anyone left among the Republican Party wise old white men who think you can rally your voting base around the banner of restricting women’s rights, you might want to think that through – in the same way you should have thought it through before putting a treasonous, lying, corrupt fucking idiot in the White House to begin with.

You can rant and rail all you want about saving the unborn. But as long as you’re the party that locks immigrant children in cages, ‘loses’ said children, and can’t explain the deaths of said children, your rants fall on deaf ears.

Watching your slow-but-sure demise is beyond satisfying, GOP – and your latest oh-so-obvious desperation is just icing on what was already shaping up to be a truly delicious cake.

A challenge to Republicans

I know my challenge will fall on deaf ears.  I know I’m wasting my time.

Still, here’s the challenge.

I live on Virginia’s Northern Neck where I subscribe to all our local weekly newspapers.

Here’s the challenge:  Are any of you Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives, what-have-you fed up with Trump?  With his lies?  With his attacks on our fundamental institutions?  If so I DARE YOU TO WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITORS OF OUR LOCAL PAPERS, STATE AT THE OUTSET YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN, THEN, GO ON TO DENOUNCE TRUMP.

See?  I told you I was wasting my time.

You won’t do it.  You are cowards and weaklings.  You know that such wimps as John Huber and  Pat O’Brien will attack you if you dare whisper a word against Trump The Great.