No problem, Mexico is paying for the wall. Right?

A federal judge in El Paso on Tuesday blocked the Trump administration’s plan to pay for border barrier construction with $3.6 billion in military funds, ruling that the administration does not have the authority to divert money appropriated by Congress for a different purpose.


The Trump administration was planning to use those funds to build 175 miles of steel barriers, and the court’s permanent injunction is a setback for Trump’s pledge to erect 450 linear miles of fencing by the end of next year.


District Court Judge David Briones, a Bill Clinton appointee, said in his ruling that the administration’s attempt to reprogram military construction funds by emergency proclamation was unlawful and that the plaintiffs in the case were entitled to a permanent injunction halting the government.

Let’s look at the record

Since 1920 the GOP has controlled both houses of Congress and the white house 2 times for at least 8 years . One time ended in a depression , the other in a recession that barely averted another depression. For those 70 years in between those financial meltdowns the left controlled DC for all but 4 years in the mid 50’s . They can’t seem to run the government either without burning it down.

Democrats………………….(28 yrs)…………1 conviction
Obama…………..2009-2017 (8.0yrs)…………..0 convictions
Clinton……………1993-2001 (8.0yrs)…………..1 conviction
Carter……………..1977-1981 (4.0yrs)…………..0 convictions
LBJ…………………1963-1969 (5.3yrs)…………..0 convictions
JFK…………………1961-1963 (2.7yrs)…………..0 convictions

Republicans…………………(28 yrs)……….89 convictions
GW Bush………..2001-2009 (8.0yrs)………….16 convictions
GHW Bush………1989-1993 (4.0yrs)……………1 conviction
Reagan……………1981-1989 (8.0yrs)………….16 convictions
Ford………………..1974-1977 (2.4yrs)……………1 conviction
Nixon………………1969-1974 (5.6yrs)………….55 convictions

Trump . . . 2006 -2009 . . . 6 convictions

Kruschev was right. Russia wins.

When one considers that sixty-four years ago Nikita Khrushchev said that Russia would defeat America from within without firing a shot and then reflects on what is happening in our politics today it curdles the blood. With ample evidence that they have compromised Trump, one also wonders if any of his staunch defenders have been turned by the soviets. No other plausible reason explains Barr, Pompeo, Nunes, and Graham among others who transitioned from ordinary conservatives to babbling sycophants of unswerving loyalty to a man they know is not loyal to this country.

Then there are former never Trumper’s like Ted Cruz and others some of whom like Cruz were vilified by Trump who now lick his boots at every opportunity. It befuddles the brain to see the reversal of course from staunch conservative to derriere kissing toady so many have taken. They know he is a liar, a Russian stooge and yet they support him at all cost to the country they took oaths to protect and defend.

Obviously, not all have been compromised by Russian feme-fatales. Still, one does have to wonder how many suffer from kompromat. The Russians stop at nothing to accomplish their political, economic, and strategic goals. They even poison people anywhere on the planet they find them if they want them dead. Certainly they would not stop at using sex, money, or other means of blackmail to control someone if it suited their purposes.

75-yr-old, three-times divorced Rudy Giuliani hires 20-yr-old female “director of communications” who has sketchy resume’ and ties to Ukraine (and nice tits)

President Donald Trump’s allies are still trying to figure out why Rudy Giuliani hired a 20-year-old Instagram personality as his director of communications.

The president’s personal attorney travels everywhere, including Ukraine, with Christianné Allen, a former teenage Trump campaign volunteer who has served since September as his media strategist and technology consultant, reported Politico.

“Nobody can figure out who the eff she is or how she got in there,” a friend of Giuliani told the website’s Daniel Lippman.

Rudy’s new 20 year-old spokeswoman hasn’t finished college, pretended to be related to George Allen, and has several items on her resume’ that are not accurate.  Nobody can figure out who the eff she is or how she got in there.

Hmm.  Well, from the way she fills out her sweater, I think her qualifications are readily visible.

Allen signed on with consulting firm Giuliani Partners around the time when the former New York City mayor’s actions in Ukraine fell under investigation by the House Intelligence Committee and the U.S. Attorney’s office he once led, and even her own friends are surprised she landed such a high-profile job with so little experience.

“I don’t think she had a client like Rudy before, let alone worked as a press secretary,” said one friend.

Allen told Politico that she got the job after tackling “incredibly challenging questions” during multiple interviews with Giuliani and his staff.

Her Twitter bio, LinkedIn and an old personal website list previous experience as representative of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, video columnist for the Daily Caller, spokeswoman for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and executive director of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition.

However, representatives for those groups say her claims are either inflated or completely made up.

“She got the gig because she went around telling everybody that she was George Allen’s niece,” said one former official with Trump’s Virginia campaign, where other colleagues complained she didn’t work hard but eagerly sought credit.

Allen, the former Virginia governor and senator, says he’s unaware of any relationship to his family.

“There were a few officials on the campaign who thought we were related based on our last name,” she said. “I was asked one time in a public setting if I was related to him and I laughed and said no.”

Allen worked with several entities the Trump campaign shunned, including Students for Trump and neo-Confederate candidate Corey Stewart, until she got an internship with attorney Charles Gucciardo — who later invested $500,000 into a company started by indicted Giuliani associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

Giuliani responded publicly to Politico’s questions about Allen’s background with an angry denunciation on his Twitter account.

“Politico is about to write a malicious hit-piece on a Comms Director of mine,” Giuliani tweeted. “Not just because she’s pro-Trump but because she’s lined up one witness after the other, proving just how corrupt the Democrat party is. Politico has assisted this cover up for years. It’s a shame!”

He continued his rant in a subsequent text message.

“Your article is so filled with lies and misinterpretations, it stands out as a [sic] now an almost routine left wing hit piece on an exceptionally talented and really fine Christian Conservative woman and strong supporter of President Trump,” Giuliani wrote. “I’m disappointed that Politico is now joining the [sic] destroy the reputation of those the Left believes should not be entitled to support President Trump.”

“Unelected bureaucrats”

AS impeachment proceedings against Trump and his criminal activity continue, Republicans are grasping at any straw to defend him.

As we know, several career public servants have defied orders from Trump’s lackeys and have come forward to testify as to their personal knowledge of Trump’s illegal activities.  These include career Army officer; career diplomats — including two ambassadors; and, other career public servants.

Republicans are attacking these career public servants as “unelected bureaucrats.”

Speaking of unelected bureaucrats:

  • No one elected Donald Trump Jr., yet, he is a senior White House official.
  • No one elected Eric Trump, yet, he is a senior White House official.
  • No one elected Ivanka Trump yet, she is a senior White House official.
  • No one elected Jared Kushner, yet, he is a senior White House official.



Promises made, not a single promise kept

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”



That was four years ago.  Let’s check on Trump’s border wall promise today, Dec 9, 2019.


ZERO miles built based on wall prototypes that Trump approved.

ZERO miles of new barriers added to what was there before Trump took office.

124 miles of old fences and barriers replaced, nothing new.

Mexico is not paying for a thing.  Nothing.