Catherine Crabill has flipped out. Gone around the bend. Lost her marbles. Moved to another planet.

Here it is — the most bizarre letter ever written.  This letter to the editor appeared in the Rappahannock Record, a weekly newspaper in Kilmarnock, VA, on Nov 21, 2019.   The author is Catherine Crabill of Weems, VA, a small community in Lancaster County VA.

Ms. Crabill is a nut.  Here is an article describing her nuttiness.

And here it is:

Crabill letter Nov 21 jpeg cropped

And why is this lunatic raving important?  Because — back in the heyday of the Tea Parties in Virginia, Crabill was the darling of the 99th District Tea Party.  In fact, she was their candidate for delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates — with unanimous Tea Party backing, she almost won a seat in the House of Delegates!!!  Later, she declared her candidacy for the House of Representatives, Virginia First Congressional District.  Fortunately, the VA-01 Republican Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia had nothing to do with her, much to the anger of the local Tea Parties.  To bring things up to date:

  • In their heyday, Virginia Tea Parties took over most local town, county and city Republican parties and committees in Virginia.
  • Many former Tea Partiers are now officials in Virginia Republican parties (Example:  Edgar Doleman, founder and past president of the 99th Tea Party is now secretary of the Virginia First Congressional District Republican Committee.)
  • The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is controlled by former Tea Partiers and their lackeys.
  • Thus — the RPV is as nutty as Catherine Crabill.