“Democratic Underground:” A Bernie Sanders mouthpiece

I regularly read and comment on several progressive, Democratic blogs.  One of my regulars was — and I emphasize “was” — the “Democratic Underground.”

I recently was kicked off DU because I posted one — not a hundred, not ten, but ONE — comment that was critical of Bernie Sanders.

The next time I tried to log in, I was greeted with this message:

Posting privileges for the account XXXXXXX have been revoked. See Democratic Underground’s Terms of Service for more information.

This decision can be appealed by contacting the Administrators, who may reverse the decision if they are provided with a compelling reason to do so. If the Administrators do not respond to the appeal within seven days, the appeal has been denied.

I tried to contact the DU administrators.  Tried for a week.  Never got a response.  I’m taking DU off my bookmarks.  I’ve since learned that several other people who posted comments critical of Bernie Sanders have been kicked off DU.

In the world of human behavior, there’s a theory — “Convergence Theory.”  This theory says something like this:  When two groups oppose each other, and their opposition is very deep-seated, as time goes on, they will begin to act alike.  Seems to me as though Democratic Underground is proving this point — throwing off Bernie’s critics the same way Tea Partiers dismiss “RINOs.”