Here we go again

President Obama was born in Hawaii.  His mother was an American from Kansas, his father was a Kenyan who was in college with Obama’s mother.  Obama is a “natural-born” American citizen because (1) one of his parents was an American citizen and (2) he was born in the US (Hawaii is a state).

Of course, these facts did not stop Trump and other hate-filled sonsofbitches from questioning Obama’s citizenship.

Now we come to Senator Kamala Harris, a Democratic Presidential hopeful.  Harris was born in Oakland, California.  Her father was Jamaican, her mother Indian (from India).  Harris is a US citizen because she was born here — California is a US state.

Following the Democratic candidate debate on June 28, Donald Trump, Jr., forwarded to the whole world a Twitter claim, questioning Harris’ citizenship.  And now the claim is spreading among Republican nutters.

Hmmm.  Let’s check out a couple of Republican heroes.

  • Donald Trump.   Born in New York City.  Father born in New York City, mother born in Scotland.  HAS ANYONE ASKED FOR HIS PAPERS?
  • Rafael Cruz (you may know him as “Ted Cruz,” Republican Senator from Texas).  Born in Canada.  Mother was American (from Delaware), father was Cuban who was naturalized Canadian citizen.  HAS ANYONE ASKED FOR HIS PAPERS?

Notice something:  Cruz and Trump are white.  Obama and Harris are . . . you guessed it . . . not white.  And there you have it.