Let’s translate Margaret Ransone’s brochure

Margaret Ransone (VA HOD-99) was handing out brochures at the July 6 Reedvile Fourth of July Parade, trying to convince the crowd that she was working diligently on their behalf.  Never mind that she spends most of her time at her family’s mansion in Abbeville, Louisiana . . .

Here’s the content of the brochure with my clarifying comments inserted.

  • Preserving Our History. As a lifelong resident of the Northern Neck, Margaret is an advocate for our unique natural resources (her family seafood business), our history (slavery, segregation, segregated schools), and will protect our quality of life (diminished access to health care, exodus of the young and the elderly, etc.).

  • Securing Our Future. Margaret has earned the “Champion of Regulatory Reform” award and a lifelong “A” rating from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce (Good for her resume, but what has that meant for District 99?).  She continues to lead efforts to stop harmful regulations and develop a business friendly climate in Virginia with less government involvement (What qualifies as a “harmful regulation”? Where has business been growing in District 99?  How has less government involvement helped?).

  • Educating Our Children. As a parent, Margaret believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a high quality education that prepares our students to be college-ready or career ready at graduation (What has she done to facilitate delivering on that belief).  She understands that education works best at the local level with input from parents, teachers and citizens (Without assuring that a diploma signifies competence in basic life skills?).  Margaret has secured millions for school safety funding (Arming teachers?).

  • Supporting Our Small Businesses & Job Creators. Margaret understands the impact of small, privately owned businesses in our community ( Like importing workers from Mexico to shuck oysters and pick crab meat, and to crew menhaden trawlers).  In Richmond, she works to protect local jobs and create new job opportunities (such as …).

  • Defending Our Second Amendment Rights. As a concealed carry holder, Margaret has earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and will always fight for the rights guaranteed to us by the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions (Ever read the Second Amendment?  An “A” rating from the NRA should disqualify a person from serving in a legislative body.) .    She supports the rights of gun owners, hunters and sportsmen (to have semi-automatic weapons, assault-style high velocity weapons, bump stocks, high capacity magazines).

  • Standing Up for Our Traditional Values. Margaret has received a lifelong 100% rating from The Family Foundation for protecting our traditional family values and will always defend the right to life (What are her traditional family values?  Hate?  Contempt for those who think, look, or worship differently?  Does the right to life include the right to live?  Have access to health care regardless of the ability to pay?).  She works to reduce the tax burden on our hardworking families (By underfunding schools, transportation, infrastructure.).  She voted against Medicaid Expansion and against the Hospital Bed Tax (Thus making it more difficult for rural hospitals to survive, and for those they would otherwise serve to survive as well – how does this defend the “right to life”?)