Nick Freitas: Typical Republican phony

Virginians from the eastern end of the state will recognize the name Nick Freitas.  For those who don’t know this phony, he is a former Army Special Forces soldier who thinks this makes him Master of the Universe and the Greatest Political Mind Ever.  In fact, he’s a run-of-the-mill, not very bright, self-centered, dimwitted clown who has memorized all the rightwing talking points and can deliver them well.

He was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates from a conservative district.  He lost to Confederate Corey Stewart in a race for the GOP nomination for Senate to run against Senator Tim Kaine.  He had to run his last race (Nov 2019) as a write-in candidate because he is so disorganized and undependable he forgot to file his petition for candidacy before the deadline.

Now he’s decided to run for Congress from Virginia’s 7th District.

Here’s an example of just how phony Freitas is — he claims to have a college degree.  Well, let’s examine that claim – – –

He is referring to his “degree” from Henley-Putnam University, a diploma mill run out of a server farm and mailroom in San Jose, CA. It has no classrooms or on-campus courses but instead sells “distance learning” degrees through National American University Holdings, Inc, a for-profit shell company that was established in the wake of 9-11 to soak up Federal education money available to active duty and veteran military members. It is expensive, but the vast majority of its students don’t pay any tuition, instead getting their on-line courses paid for by such programs as the Montgomery GI Bill and Tuition
Assistance programs.

A bachelor’s degree costs about $25,000 and a doctorate (in kung fu?) can be had for about $38,000. Those prices include the 33% discount that Henley-Putnam gives to all active and former military applicants.

Henley-Putnam’s most recent past president is an interesting character named James P. Killin, a.k.a. James Patrick Killin, Pat Killin, and Jim Killin. He is now a self-employed “executive consultant” in San Jose whose previous employments included CFO and CEO positions of some nebulous start-up IT companies in the Silicon Valley. His formal education seems to be limited to a BS degree in Business from the East Bay satellite campus of California State University, a degree that he apparently earned in only two years of study (night school?). John, when was the last time you heard of a university president with only a night school bachelor’s degree?

On the spectrum of academic excellence, Henley-Putnam ranks somewhere between Strayer and Trump University. In sum, Nick’s college degree is as phony as he is.