Another brilliant idea from the Trump Idiot Children

Back in 2007, the federal government mandated that light bulb manufacturers start to move away from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient bulbs.

Now, 12 years later, LED bulbs have dropped dramatically in price.  LED bulbs use tiny amounts of electricity, come in all sizes and shapes, and are catching on everywhere.

Everywhere that is except in the minds of the dimwits who make up the Trump administration — which now proposes to roll back light builb standards and return us to the day of energy burning incandescent bulbs.  Fortunately, the industry and consumers are much smarter than the Trumpsters.

Pic of the Moment

One characteristic of Very Stupid People . . .

One characteristic of Very Stupid People is — they don’t realize they are Very Stupid, so, they continue to do and say Very Stupid Things.

Donald Trump is a prime example.

Tuesday in a press conference, President Donald Trump came up with the idea of having a parade and fireworks on or around the Fourth of July holiday. He seemed incredibly pleased with himself for the ingenious idea he believes he created.

Trump is so goddam stupid he doesn’t recognize that there’s a HUGE fireworks show and several parades in Washington, DC, EVERY FOURTH OF JULY.

Here’s video of the 2017 fireworks and parade in DC.  Where was Trump?  Oh, I forgot — he was in Florida playing golf.


On her MSNBC show on the evening of Feb 12, Rachel Maddow pointed out:  “There is the Washington Monument on the National Mall,” she said showing video of the fireworks exploding behind the monument. “As the nation’s capital Fourth of July is a kind of a meta holiday, right? It’s a bigger deal there than everywhere else in the country — and it’s a pretty big deal everywhere in the country — but it’s the nation’s capital. Every Fourth of July there is a fireworks thing in D.C. And parade from downtown with, you know, bands and an Uncle Sam guy and the drum and all the rest of it.”

Meanwhile, there’s this:

“President Trump told reporters at the White House he is considering a new idea that has just occurred to him, a new idea for America which is that he is thinking over, he is considering that maybe from here on out there should be a parade and fireworks in Washington D.C. Every year on July 4th. How about that? He mused about this idea to reporters today.”

Trump told reporters in the cabinet room Tuesday, “We’re thinking about doing something that will perhaps become a tradition.” He then proceeded to propose fireworks on the holiday, “even in D.C.”


Let’s lay waste to Trump’s latest lie

At his rally in El Paso last night, Trump invented a new batch of lies.

During the campaign Trump told the goobers who showed up at his rallies that he would build a 2,000-mile-long, 30-foot-high wall along the US-Mexico border and Mexico would pay for it.  The screaming, shrieking goobers believed him.

Last night, speaking before a crowd of 6,500 (NOT 5,000 as he claimed) he said the wall has already been started and he introduced the slogan “Finish The Wall.”

This is a lie.  Not a misrepresentation but a LIE.  Bullshit.

During the Trump administration there has not been one inch of border wall built.  A few miles — less than 100 — has been repaired, old wall torn down and replaced, or upgraded but not an inch of new wall has been built.

Regardless, the Trump supporting goobers believe he started a wall and will finish it.

Highlights from Trump’s El Paso freak show

Last night — Feb 11 — Trump held a rally in the El Paso Coliseum (capacity 6,500) to kick off his 2020 Presidential campaign.  In spite of his claims of 35,000 attending, it was clear to all that the crowd did not quite fill the 6,500-capacity hall.

Let’s check out some of the nasty and bizarre shit that emerged from this spectacle of stupidity.

Trump claims that babies are born; doctors talk to the mother; then, the doctor executes the baby

President Donald Trump alleged that liberals “execute” babies as they come out of their mother’s womb. But it was the details he provided about this baby after it’s born that was a little bizarre.

Trump was referring to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who the president thanked for taking the heat off of his White House. ” We should find more guys like this one. He wanted to moonwalk!”

“I like him. He keeps us out of the paper. I like him,” Trump said.

Northam was doing a radio interview where he talked about terminally ill fetuses being born. He said that the child would be born and the mother and doctors would do whatever they could to make the baby comfortable. Conservatives twisted that to mean make the baby comfortable before they killed it. Northam meant before the baby succumbed to the illness.

“The governor stated that he would even allow a newborn baby to come out into the world and wrap the baby and make the baby comfortable,” Trump said. “And then talk to the mother. And talk to the father and then execute the baby. Execute the baby. Incredible.”

“They get punished when they get home.”  ??????

President Donald Trump’s rally was constantly interrupted with protesters Monday. It’s unclear how many there were but there were at least four interruptions where Trump paused and pointed out the protesters.

“Where do these people come from? Where do they come from? They go back home to mommy. They get punished when they get home,” Trump said, using an odd phrase.

With sweat forming on his top lip, Trump returned to his typical 2016 and 2018 campaign chants. He told El Paso that the wall was being erected in the middle of the Rio Grande. He also alleged that former rival Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia and lead the crowd in a “lock her up chant.”

Trump mob attacks BBC cameraman

A raving Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat attacked a BBC cameraman during the president’s rally in El Paso.

BBC’s Ron Skeans was recording video of President Donald Trump speaking about immigration when he was knocked off balance by a man in the crowd, who can be seen moments later being restrained by another man wearing a red MAGA hat.

The assailant screams “fuck the media” as he’s pulled away from Skeans, and the crowd begins to chant “let him go” as they become aware of the disturbance.

Skeans later told the BBC that the man, who has not been identified, shoved him hard from his blind side, and the cameraman was not sure what had happened at first.

BBC Washington editor Eleanor Montague, who was at the event with Skeans, tweeted out footage of the incident, which she blamed on the president’s hostile rhetoric.

“The crowd had been whipped up into a frenzy against the media by Trump and other speakers all night,” Montague tweeted.


Meanwhile, Sarah Failin’ turns 55

Yesterday — Feb 11 — is Sarah “Grizzly Mother” Palin’s 55th birthday.  And she looks every bit of 55 — “rode hard and put away wet.”

You know it seems like just yesterday people were scrambling to figure out who in the hell she was after John McCain announced that she was his running mate in 2008.

After that campaign crashed and burned she produced one failure after another.

Her future as a politician was sabotaged by her own stupidity, books that revealed her true nature, and a family that produced one scandal after another.

Her career as a reality star fizzled out when she proved too boring to draw an audience.

Her Fox News career ended when it became obvious that her political acumen was as fake as the road kill wigs she stapled to her head.

In the end, she finds herself right back in the little town she so desperately tried to escape surrounded by the family that she abandoned repeatedly in her quest for fame and fortune.

I guess it just goes to prove that sometimes stories do have a happy ending.

Happy 55th birthday Sarah Palin, and may you get everything that you deserve.

Oh wait, you already did —

  • Only one of her five grandchildren was conceived with benefit of marriage.
  • Two of her three married children are divorced.
  • Her oldest son pings from jail to rehab to jail to rehab . . .
  • She no longer is invited for speaking engagements or anything else for that matter.

Trump’s trade war causing huge increase in farm bankruptcies. But they’ll still vote for him. Definition of stupid.

Things are not looking good for farmers, despite the guy in the White House saying again and again how much he loves farmers. Farm debt is at its highest level since the 1980s, and Chapter 12 bankruptcies, a type especially for farmers and fishermen, are soaring.

In the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, 2018 saw twice the Chapter 12 bankruptcies of 2008, and the Eighth Circuit followed closely with a 96 percent increase more than a decade earlier. The 10th Circuit also saw a substantial increase in farm bankruptcies. Those three courts cover almost the entire Midwest: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. So while Chapter 12 bankruptcies nationwide are still lower than they were in the immediate wake of the Great Recession, the Midwest is hurting … a lot.

Donald Trump’s trade wars are making things worse for U.S. farmers—the Wall Street Journal reports, for instance, that “Tariffs on U.S. pork have helped contribute to a record buildup in U.S. meat supplies, leading to lower prices for beef and chicken”—a blow that comes during a worldwide glut of commodities like corn and soybeans. “We thought 2019 would be the year things turned around,” a banker told the newspaper. “Then the trade dispute happened and that really put a damper on things.”

Don’t worry — they’ll vote for Trump regardless.  There’s no cure for stupid.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, I’m a Trump voter.