Speaking of rat-infested, ignorant, poor standard of living shitholes . . . let’s examine the American South — yiou know, the solidly Republican South.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve heard/read about/seen President Trump’s Twiter-tirade against “the squad” and Elijah Cummins.  As New York Times writer Charles Blow observed today, this fits into a long-standing pattern of Trump in which he uses rodent-based language to describe urban areas.  According to our president, these areas are terrible places with high crime and poverty.

What I find particularly interesting is that even a cursory look at the ruby-red South — which is the electoral bedrock of the modern-day Republican Party — shows that this is the shithole region of the United States.

Let’s start by looking at map from the Census that shows the poverty rate at the county level:


You’ll notice that Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, West Virginia, and Kentucky all have high rates of poverty relative to the rest of the country.  Perhaps the President should start tweeting about Moscow Mitch’s shithole state?

And now let’s take a look at median income:


The lighter the color, the lower the income.  Again, the ruby-red deep south looks to have low incomes.  Why haven’t decades of Republican economic leadership increased incomes?  Are they trying to make their states shitholes?  It sure looks like it.

Let’s pull the camera lens back and examine the classic rural/urban split with rural districts being Republican and Urban districts being Democratic.  Once again, we see a big difference:


Sure looks to me like “liberal” areas make more money than rural areas.  That means there’s less poverty.  Again, sure looks like ruby-red areas are the shitholes here.

How about health care coverage?  Again, there’s a clear pattern:


Darker means less insurance.  Wow — those ruby-red Republican states have higher rates of uninsured people.  What shitholes!

We all know that education is very important in the modern economy.  How to ruby-red states stack-up?


Here’s a map from Business Insider with a bit more timely data:


Lighter colors = lower educational attainment?  Notice a pattern?  The South is one big educational shithole.

Maybe deep-South Republicans should go back to their shithole states, fix them, and then go back to Washington.