The List: The people who will go to jail after Trump is out of office

Here’s my list of people who will or who should go to jail when the Trump Freak Show ends.

Donald J Trump.  Obstruction of justice, multiple counts.  Abuse of office.  Revealing sensitive classified information to unauthorized persons.  Violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

Donald Trump, Jr.; Eric Trump; Jared Kushner; Ivanka Trump:  Obstruction of justice.  Lying to Congress.  Accepting bribes.

FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter.  Obstructing federal agency in conduct of business.  Accepting bribes.

Rudolph Giuliani.  Lying to Congress. Lying to FBI.  Unauthorized contact with foreign governments.

William Barr.  Malfeasance.  Obstruction of justice.

Mike Mulvaney.  Obstruction of justice.  Malfeasance.  Accepting bribes.

Dinner time . . . be back with more later.