The “Steele dossier” is mostly confirmed.

A detailed analysis of the Steele dossier, court pleadings and the content of the Mueller report show that 41 out of the 56 allegations in the dossier — 73 percent — have been fully or partially confirmed, while 11 remain unconfirmed — 19 percent — and 4 have been totally or at least partially debunked  — 7 percent.

Let’s review this again:

  • 56 allegations in the Steele dossier
  • 41 have been confirmed (73%)
  • 4 have been fully or partially debunked (7%)
  • 11 are still hanging out there

If the 11 unconfirmed items can eventually be verified — which is doubtful since most of those items were matters of gossip, opinion, motivation or point of view —  then the would the entire dossier would top out at 92 percent accurate. Steele himself has said that his dossier is probably 70 -90 percent correct, so it seems we are just about right on the money.