Why are you still a Republican?

If you are still a Republican, then, you are part of the evil that now grips our nation under Trump.

No doubt there were those among you who were against Trump’s election, who disagreed with his policies, who were appalled by his actions and statements, but believed that your party would stay true to American values and eventually return to its core principles.

But after witnessing what has happened over the past two years, surely you now know that whatever principles and values you once held sacred are being systemically destroyed.

Surely you recognize that by continuing to support your party, you are not only condoning Trump’s evil – you are complicit in it.

By continuing to be a member of the GOP,  you are responsible for putting children in cages, you are responsible for the racism that has been unleashed,  you are responsible for the violence encouraged by your “President”,  you are responsible for every single thing that he is doing – along with every lie told, every act of defying the law, every crime of which he is guilty, and every bit of corruption he has so blatantly demonstrated.

I am a life-long Democrat. But if the Democrats ever put someone like Donald Trump in the White House, I would leave the party without hesitation. I would refuse to be associated with a party willing to support a man so completely devoid of morals and common decency, and so obviously determined to undermine everything we as Americans once stood for.

Those of you who once hoped that your elected party members would rein-in Trump’s basic dishonesty, his self-serving agenda, and his downright criminal behavior must now be aware that that’s never going to happen. Instead, they have defended him, protected him, even perjured themselves in order to cover for him.

The time for pretending that you are blameless has passed. If you are still a Republican, it’s time for you to search your soul and ask yourself “Why am I still a part of this evil?”