“World Net Daily” shuts down — another example of Tea Party nuttiness

World Net Daily — WND — was one of the many “conservative news outlets” that popped up about the same time as the Tea Party.  The simultaneous appearance was not an accident — the Republican operatives who spawned the “grassroots” Tea Parties knew exactly what they were doing:

  • First, stir up the goobers, entice them to form “grassroots” Tea Parties
  • Then, flood them with solicitations for donations to save the Republic
  • Finally, get rich off the gullible Tea Partiers
  • And when it’s all over, run off with the money, leaving the suckers behind.

WND popped up in 2010 as part of the feverish heyday of the “birther movement,” conspiracy-hungry readers swarmed to the WND website for the latest on how President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, how Obama and Holder were coming after your guns, how Nancy Pelosi was forcing “San Francisco values” on the nation, and, SEND US MONEY!!!

A decade later, that realm is being sucked into a tornado of unpaid bills, pink-slipped employees, chaotic accounting, declining revenue and diminishing readership, according to interviews with more than 25 former employees, shareholders, company insiders and authors associated with the firm’s flailing publishing units, as well as a review of hundreds of internal documents, including emails and financial statements obtained by The Washington Post.

Even though Farah claimed in WND columns and emails to supporters last year to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations —including tax-deductible contributions — some former employees and contractors have been laid off or had their deals canceled without being paid money they say they were owed. Many authors who signed on with the site’s publishing arm, including former Republican senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, are fuming about allegedly not receiving royalties owed to them.